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  Do You Have Talent?  


  Are you looking to develop the skills needed to become a professional actor and learn the differences   between stage and screen acting?  


  Or are you a jobbing actor looking to develop your screen acting craft further?  


  If SO, then we have a FILM and TV Acting Workshop for you.  



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Translantic Film's Acting For Camera Workshops have been created and set up by established London Film Producer Stephen Cranny (Out Of Depth, All At Sea, Curse of the Phoenix, World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen) in conjunction with an experienced New York Actor and Director with the express aim of teaching students their own specific techniques, based on the Method, to bring fresh, exciting and subtle performances to the screen.

We have  developed a range of acting workshops that cater  for most levels, from complete beginners  through to professionals and although each workshop  is different, we focus on several core disciplines within each workshop which equip Actors with sound working techniques, no matter how experienced:

All Workshops are on a rolling Monthly basis so, unusually, you are not tied into a long term commitment with a large upfront fee.


  • Work of the Self, Working to Direction
  • The Inner Monologue
  • Acting Style - Heightened, Realism, Method
  • Script Analysis & Sight Reading
  • Camera Techniques - Eyelines, Finding Your Mark, Continuity, Vocal Levels
  • Improvisation & Body Language Awareness, Facial Energy
  • Film & TV Audition Techniques
  • The Business Of Film

'One on One' coaching is also available for those wishing to work on audition pieces, confidence, cold reading techniques or other specific acting areas. NB no camera is used for these. To find out more about these contact us.

We have a good sized room available for castings Casting Room Hire 

If you need to get your audition down on tape then we offer a quick and cost effective Auditions on Tape service

Following on from our first very successful Casting Workshop with Jeremy Zimmermann our regular Casting Workshops have been running throughout the year.  Sign Up now.


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We encourage you to observe a class and in any event we pride ourselves on always meeting with you well in advance of each Workshop to discuss your class in greater detail.

All Workshops are held in Soho, Central London, click here for details.